Our Designer

Our Designer

bwBrian Drew

Allied Member; ASID

Design Director

Brian has a bachelor degree in psychology and human development, with additional background in painting, finish work, landscape design and color theory. He trained in environmental psychology looking at how people are affected by their home and work environments.  Brian has an associate’s degree in interior design and worked for 4 years at one of the finest design firms in the Midwest. Brian has provided interior design work throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. He describes his main design philosophy as modern with a focus on simplicity and symmetry, however he has worked with clients in all types of design aesthetics. Brian is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and summarizes his approach saying, “ while I will always have opinions and a view on what I think the end product should be, my goal is to make your home work for you. I don’t live there, so in the end I will do what I can to put the very best things in your home to make it work for you..”

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